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This Privacy Policy is for the website ( of Motorsports Capital LLC, a Georgia limited liability company (“Motorsports Capital’), and is subject to the Terms of Use for the website.  This Privacy Policy applies to your personal information that is received by Motorsports Capital through your use of the website.  By using the website you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy in effect at the time of your use.  This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use may change, so please check them each time you use the website.

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Any contact or other personal information you provide when you use the website may be used by Motorsports Capital to communicate with you and to provide you with information about Motorsports Capital and its services, and may be shared with other professional service providers that Motorsports Capital may deem appropriate for your consideration in connection with the services of Motorsports Capital that you express interest in.

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Motorsports Capital may examine the use of this website by you and other users to improve its features, presentation or administration.
To protect the privacy of the personal information you provide, Motorsports Capital relies on the security of the website host and software applications on the computers containing the information.    

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