Capital Raising

9821575-photo-of-business-partners-handshaking-at-meeting-in-natural-environmentMotorsports Capital understands companies may not have the resources to deal with lenders or investors, or know where to look for capital, or how to  market their company to potential investors. Oftentimes investors and lenders do not understand the business of motorsports and are hesitant to lend or invest in something they do not fully understand. Motorsports Capital can bridge the gap between motorsports companies and investors and lenders by bringing financing expertise to the motorsports company, and industry expertise to lenders and investors.

Investor Presentations

Many times good companies struggle to raise the capital they need because potential investors do not understand all the company has to offer.  Motorsports Capital can assist you in preparing an investor presentation which will allow investors to gain a more complete appreciation for your company.

Term Sheet Evaluation

There is much more to evaluating a term sheet than meets the eye.  Considerations such as covenants and other restrictions may dictate whether or not you have the flexibility you need to manage your company properly.  Motorsports Capital can help evaluate and compare term sheets to help you determine which is in the best interest for your company over the long run.

Closing Support

Increased lender and investor scrutiny have increased the complexity of all transactions.  Motorsports Capital can provide assistance in getting your transaction closed and minimizing the disruption to your company during the closing process.